Hotel des Deux Rocs, Seillans

Let me introduce you to my favourite restaurant in the world.

That's a bold statement, I know. But I really, really mean it.

Today we went to the Hotel des Deux Rocs to celebrate my Mum's birthday.
We've been coming to this little restaurant nestled in Seillans for six years now and it gets better every time.

 Part of the charm is it's setting. We always sit outdoors around the fountain, sheltered by the trees.
 In the winter the fountain is used to chill wine. During the warmer months jugs and bottles are put there for show but they really add character to the restaurant.

While you're there you may even make some friends...

Seeing as we were celebrating, we started with champagne.

*Clink, clink*

Clearly I wasn't interested in this conversation. I was too focused on my drink and waiting for my food to arrive.
And it was worth the wait.

If you've read my post about Le Castellaras, you may find the following pictures familiar.
This is because I have three main food-loves:
Lobster or langoustine
... and chocolate fondants.
Obviously getting to eat these is a huge treat, so I couldn't let them go to waste...

Langoustine in a citronella bisque with pak choi.
These were the softest and most delicate langoustine I have ever eaten in my life. Initially I was disappointed that the lobster ravioli wasn't on the menu like normal, but this more than made up for it.

My dad opted for the foie gras (again) with pomegranate and sang it's praises.
(My sister and James joined me in ordering the langoustine, and the birthday girl went for a summer salad with chickpea puree.)
Warning: vegetarians, look away now.

 Filet steak with risotto, chanterelles and a raviolo filled with the creamiest, silkiest and richest cheese.

 I don't even like risotto. This, however, was up there with the best dishes I have ever eaten. In my whole life. And I really like food- a lot.

 I couldn't fault it.

Pudding will come as no surprise...

 Chocolate fondant with caramel ice cream, a spiced caramel lollipop and spiced whipped cream.
Part of it's menu description was 'childhood memory'. If that's not a good memory I don't know what is.
Sorry, Le Castellaras, but this fondant can't be beaten.
Now for the money shot...

 There was more running chocolate than there was cake. That is no bad thing.
In fact, I ate it all.

... and left feeling like this:

 I cannot recommend the Deux Rocs enough. I know it's a bit out of the way (i.e in the middle of a small village perched on the Southern French hills) but if you ever find yourself close, book here and give it a visit. 

 All that's left to say is happy birthday, Mumma. Thank you for everything you do. If I'm anything like you when I 'grow up', I'll be a lucky lady.