Italian Fashion and a Lebanese Lunch

Before I start, I have a couple of apologies to make.
Firstly, I'm sorry to flit between countries with my posts but I don't have much to blog about in France seeing as 90% of my time is spent by the pool.
And second of all, the exhibition I'm about to write about actually ends tomorrow (sorry sorry!)

Now that's out of the way, I can move on to the good stuff.
At the beginning of July my sister and I headed to the V&A museum to see the "Glamour of Italian Fashion" exhibition that I'd been desperate to go to before it ended.
I'm not a huge fashion nut as I'm lazy when it comes to clothes but I love most Italian things (hence my potential degree choice) and I'm so glad I made the journey up to London to see it.

We were a bit early for our allocated time slot so we spent a bit of time sat outside in the sun.

 ... and visiting the gift shop. I'm not a shoes or handbags person but I do like jewellery and had my eye on this Marni offering, although slightly (very) out of my price range.
If you're ever in London and looking for an original gift try the V&A, or shop online.

Unfortunately it was strictly no photos allowed but I did buy the exhibition book which is still available to buy online. (I paid £20 for mine. Hmph.) 

All of that time spent looking at things had made us hungry so we went to Comptoir Libanais for lunch.

To drink we both ordered a 'Mira'; orange blossom lemonade, lemon, lime and mint blended together with ice. As you can probably tell by the colour, if you don't like mint, this isn't for you. But it was so good.

 We got a portion of Chicken Sambousek to share which was okay but a bit dry.

For our mains we both ordered the Chicken Taouk wraps with a side of Batata Harra. The wraps were seriously tasty and fresh with a crispy outside that held it's structure. I'd highly recommend trying one, although next time I'm tempted to try the Harissa Prawns or Pomegranate Salmon.

 The Batata Harra (potatoes with spices) reminded me of these Lebanese-style fries that I've seen circulating Pintrest. I'm tempted to try them myself so watch this space for a recipe...

 Overall I would recommend Comptoir if you like fragrant, fresh and tasty food. The menu is diverse so there is something for everyone. They also do a takeaway service which would be great if you were looking for a quick grab-and-go lunch. The only complaint I would have is that the service wasn't great. Our waitress was clearly not having a great day as the three tables surrounding us who she was also serving all complained about different things, and it took over 20 minutes for us to pay. Does anyone else get tempted just to get up and go when that happens? (Obviously I wouldn't do that, but still.) I would also be wary of ordering from the 'grill' section of the menu as other customers were told they would be waiting for 30 mins for a burger. Nonetheless, the food was so good that I would definitely go back.
Have you tried Comptoir Libanais?