Rose Truffles

Rose and violet creams are my all-time favourite chocolates.

                 I know that they're 'old lady' chocolates but as far as I'm concerned, they're delicious.                 

I wanted to try my own versions, but I didn't really want to fuss around with fondant, so I thought I'd make some truffles instead.

                                            Unfortunately I can't claim this recipe as my own.                                             
They're an adaptation of Rosie's* recipe; using rose petals and rose water instead of salt.

You will need:
300g dark chocolate
300g milk chocolate
300ml double cream
60g unsalted butter
Rose petals (found here)
Rose water (found here)*
*If you don't like rose, leave out the rose water and just add the petals for decoration (and yes, you can eat them).

Can you tell by the ingredients that this is a super healthy recipe?

Break up your dark chocolate into a large bowl- the smaller, the better, as it will melt faster when the cream is added.

Leave that to one side. On a medium heat, pour your cream into a saucepan and add your butter.

Watch the butter melt (isn't that soothing?) and when it's all liquid, take it off the heat.

Now, pour the cream/butter mixture all over the chocolate and stir until it's a glossy pool of silky, molten goodness.

If you're making them rose-infused, add rose water to taste. Try it drops at a time to avoid it overpowering your chocolates.

You'll then need to pop this mixture in the fridge. I left it in there for four hours and found that was enough.

Just before your mixture is ready to take out of the fridge, melt your milk chocolate and leave it to cool.

When your mixture is relatively solid, take a spoonful at a time and roll into balls. If you have a melon baller, this would also work to make your truffles look more 'professional'.

Dip each truffle into the melted chocolate and sprinkle a few rose petals on the top.

Pop them back in the fridge and there you have it!

I think I'll try the same recipe but add peanut butter after I tried these. If they work, I may pop that recipe on here too.

*All credit for the original recipe goes to Rosie at The Londoner. I am by no means trying to pass this recipe off as my own.