Seasons Café

Remember when I said that Fego was my go-to for brunch?

Last week, James thought that he would challenge that by taking me out of my comfort zone.
He had visited Seasons Café in Old Amersham with his family and told me that it beats Fego hands down.
Let's just see about that, shall we?

Moinseur le Brunch Expert himself.

Location-wise, Seasons wins. 
I haven't been to Old Amersham in years but it is lovely. I used to come here with my family to a seafood restaurant, but it caught fire and never reopened. Hmph.
We grabbed a table outside and got down to business.

 I ordered the mango, passion fruit and pineapple smoothie.

 It was huge and delicious.
No yoghurt or bananas were harmed in the making of this smoothie- thank god. We all know how I feel about that.

 Eggs Benedict for him. It looked pretty damn good, I have to say.

And Huevos Rancheros for me, an unusually vegetarian choice (shock).
Poached eggs on cornbread with guacamole, salsa and sweet chilli sauce.
If I could have guacamole with every meal, I would.

It was so delicious but so filling, I didn't even have room for a cake afterwards. I think it was the cornbread that did it, but I would definitely have it again.
I think I'll have to go back and sample some of their baked goods- it would be rude not to.

I'm sorry that this post was short- the café had a gorgeous interior but I felt a bit awkward taking any photos!

I think brunch is fast becoming my favourite meal of the day. After pudding, of course...