Shake Shack

Sometimes all I want is a good burger.

Shake Shack definitely fits the bill.

On a recent shopping escapade to London with Amy, we fought our way through the Covent Garden crowds to Shake Shack.

The Covent Garden branch is the only Shake Shack in the UK, so funnily enough, it gets busy.

We went at 4 o'clock on a Sunday and it was full, so you can only imagine what it would be like at dinner time on a weekday or lunch on a Saturday- if I were you, I'd avoid peak times at all costs.

You queue to order outside and are given a little contraption that shakes when your food is ready to collect.

You then have to queue... again... to get allocated a seat. 

This took about 5/10 minutes for us... think about how long it would take at normal mealtimes.

Of course, you can get food to go. It would make a pretty tasty picnic.

It was a tense wait for the alert signalling that our food was good to go.

But oh, it was worth it.

I went for the single ShackBurger (a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce- the tomato was immediately removed) and crinkly, crispy fries.


For pudding I chose the 'Concrete Jungle': vanilla frozen custard, marshmallow, peanut butter sauce and banana.

It wasn't a looker, but it tasted better than any Ben and Jerry's I've had.

Much to my Dad's dismay, I still haven't grown out of wanting ketchup with my fries. 

They just seem so naked without it.

Shake Shack is notoriously Instagram-able, as you can see.

Amy chose the single ShackBurger with pickles, a vanilla shake and cheese fries.

Mmmm, cheese fries. I was slightly (very) jealous. 

My meal came in at about £12 and I had more than enough to eat.

I prefer it to it's competitor, Five Guys, although I wouldn't turn either of them down.

I don't think it's overrated. The burger is flavoursome and juicy in a soft, squishy bun. The fries are crunchy and even better when coated with silky cheese sauce. If you want dessert, get a concrete and you won't regret it!

Obviously it's not going to win any awards for nutrition or healthy eating. But it fits very nicely into the 'so bad, but so good' category.

Just looking at this is making me hungry...