Hello New York!

I have been looking forward to this trip for what feels like forever.

Seriously, I'm talking about two years.

I turned 18 in June and to celebrate, my Mum, sister and I planned a trip to New York at the end of August.

Unsurprisingly, Dad wasn't tempted by the prospect of spending three solid days shopping so stayed at home.

After flying in on Thursday evening and checking in at the Hyatt, I woke up raring to go and explore... at 4:30am. Thank you jet lag!

There was only one thing that would satisfy our breakfast needs: pancakes! 

We headed out to the Red Flame Diner and were served the biggest, fluffiest, and most delicious pancakes I've ever had.

To drink, I opted for chocolate milk. Yes, I am five years old.

Our pancakes were served with a carafe of syrup. We made a significant dent in this. After all, you can't have pancakes that aren't drowned in floods of syrupy goodness.

Oooooh yeah.

Feeling slightly (very) full but beyond content, we ventured out to Fifth Avenue for some serious shopping.

Serious bed-envy at Anthropologie. We spent about an hour in here and I could have bought everything but left with a pencil case... I'm a bit of a stationery nut.

 The Rockerfeller Centre.

By the time we'd walked up to Central Park we were feeling slightly peckish.

You can't go to New York without trying a hot dog, can you?

For street food, it wasn't bad. Although Mark Francis would certainly not approve!

One thing on my sightseeing list was the Alice in Wonderland statue.

I went through a phase of watching the 1951 movie everyday when I was younger and it's still my favourite Disney film.

In the interest of burning off some carbs, we had a stroll through the park.

I really loved the statue and it was definitely worth the walk.

It was impossible to get a perfect picture of it as there was always someone sat on top (including myself- hello burned thighs!) but it really was beautiful.

My beautiful Mum and sister.

Before I continue I must warn you that nothing we ate during this trip had any real nutritional value.

But it was all so good.

After a bit more shopping and a visit to Times Square (which I did not like one bit- I'm not good in large crowds), we walked towards 34th Street to make our dinner reservation at the Heartland Brewery.

Think TGI's but with edible food.

I'm a big fan of onion rings and these were the size of my fist. Much to my dismay James doesn't actually like onions so whenever I'm out with my family and these are on the menu, I order them.

Mozzarella sticks- a huge guilty pleasure.

A pulled pork sandwich for my sister.

And chicken sandwiches for my Mum and I. No vegetables were harmed in the making of this meal. 

Despite this mainly being a shopping trip, there were a few things that we wanted to fit in, including a visit to the Empire State Building.

Last time I was in New York we went to the Top of the Rock, but this was so much better.

If you can, go at night and buy tickets all the way up to the 103rd floor. It's more expensive but it's worth it as you won't have to battle with other visitors to get a glimpse of the Big Apple at night.

And who would want to miss this view...

If you're looking to visit one of the sights with a view then go for the Empire State. As I said, it was better than the Top of the Rock and the Statue of Liberty seems like a bit of a faff with the ferry.

Book tickets in advance here to beat the queues and go at night.

After all that it's safe to say that I was absolutely exhausted and more than ready to snuggle in my new dressing gown. Put a witty slogan on an item and I'm sold.