La Cantina Del Vino

I've found out that going to university is a good excuse to have lots of lunches with friends.

Well why not use saying goodbye as an excuse to eat copious amounts of Italian food?

That's exactly what my future-doctor friend Emma and I did on Thursday.

La Cantina Del Vino (website and bookings here) is a lovely Italian restaurant in Bucks that does a great lunch menu. 

 We started things off with grissini and baguette with sundried tomato tapenade.

 I'm sure I could eat bags of these breadsticks. I'm going to hunt them down and stock up.

While we waited for our food to arrive I got to open my belated birthday presents...

When it comes to gifts, Emma knows her stuff.

She put so much thought into my presents and now I have my own personalised biscuit tin with a historical twist which I got slightly over-excited about (but seriously, how cool is that?! I love it!).

I have a feeling I'm going to be filling my new housemates with baked treats from that cookbook.

For her main course, Emma chose the lamb shank and mash.

Judging by the "mmmm!" sounds, it was pretty good!

I'm not much of a lamb fan but I must admit that it smelled delicious and I had slight mash-envy. 

Now this may not look like much but I chose the chicken with chilli, olives and tomatoes. 

It was perfectly spiced and the chicken was uber tender.

I would absolutely recommend this, although for any veggies you can get pasta with the same sauce.

 Any main dishes come with these super crispy potatoes.

And a bowl of fresh veg. That is all for one person, but no I couldn't quite finish it all!

But the best part?


Emma's semolina and almond cake with vanilla ice cream.

I'm sure that a lot of people would be put off by the idea of semolina in a cake but this was uhh-mazing. 

Kind of like a sticky toffee pudding sans sauce.

If you've read my last post you may sense a theme. 

Yes, recently I've become a bit of a tiramisu-fiend. 

It was difficult to finish the entire slab (look at all that cream!) but I soldiered on and just about  managed. 

I may even give my own a go at home. Although I don't know why I'd bother if I can get it this good practically on my doorstep.

If you order from the lunch menu, two courses come in at a whopping(!) £14.50 which is amazing value considering the portion sizes and quality of the food. 

The staff are unobtrusive and incredibly friendly. It's not always busy at lunch time so it may be a bit quiet, although if you can chat away like Emma and I you'll barely notice. 

Next time you're thinking of going to Zizzi or Prezzo for 'Italian' food, try here instead- it's so much better and actually cheaper!