A Day Off

If you haven't noticed already, I absolutely love the V&A.

I bought my membership a couple of weeks ago so I decided to use my uni-free Wednesday to visit the wedding dresses exhibition with my mum and sister.

When it comes to fashion exhibitions, the V&A know what they're doing.

I'll always regret not going to the Hollywood Costumes exhibition a couple of years ago (they had that green dress from Atonement, *sobs*) so now that I'm living in London, I'm determined to make it down there as much as possible.

This is not exactly something that I would choose to wear but isn't it gorgeous?!

My favourite dress absolutely had to be Kate Moss' wedding dress, no contest. 

I have seen very few dresses that beautiful, although they did have the adorable short ruffled number from Sex and The City which was lovely too.

As always, the exhibition was done absolutely beautifully and it's well worth a visit. 

We then had a bit of a wander around the fashion section which wasn't quite as exciting, but I love that the V&A pay so much attention to fashion alongside other forms of art.

After all of that we were a bit peckish so headed to Pat Val for croques and croissants...

...before venturing towards the Harrods food hall for a wander around.

In my books, Selfridges wins over Harrods hands down when it comes to everything but food.

The Harrods food hall is an absolute dream.

You can get everything from fresh sushi to sandwiches and even though some things are ludicrously expensive, it's still hard not to leave with a little something.

My little something of choice was a Zebra cronut

My flatmate bought me one of these a while ago and I couldn't help but grab another one while I had the choice. Layers of chocolate and pastry topped with chocolate icing and filled with chocolate mousse. 

Not for the faint hearted, and probably heart attack inducing, but so worth it.

After a few hours of shopping (the majority of which were spent in Zara, as always) we made our way towards the Berkley for afternoon tea.

The Berkley do afternoon tea slightly differently to the traditional English fare. 

Served in the very fancy sounding 'Caramel Room', their 'Prêt-à-Portea' is fashion-themed, which only seemed appropriate after the exhibition that morning.

I think I need this tea set in my life. 

Our experience was based upon the Jimmy Choo collection, although it does change regularly.

I'm a bit useless when it comes to afternoon tea seeing as I'm not actually a tea-drinker, which makes me a bit of a fraud by British standards. 

Hot chocolate, on the other hand, is right up my street.

My mum and sister both opted for English breakfast.

First up, the sandwiches. I can't remember what exactly was in them but they included turkey, salmon and crayfish. 

The best part? You can ask for as many as you like, they'll replenish your plate constantly if you so wish.

Now no matter how delicious the sandwiches were, they were completely outshone by the cakes.

The Berkley don't serve scones with their afternoon tea but it doesn't matter when you're presented with this...

Again, I don't remember exactly what was on here but they were all unbelievably good and the attention to detail was impressive. 

We had three plates of cakes and I even took some back to uni with me in little takeaway boxes when we couldn't finish the lot.

I would highly recommend Prêt-à-Portea at the Berkley. 

The staff were so attentive and accommodating, nothing was too much trouble for them and they made you feel very comfortable. 

It's not the cheapest of afternoon teas but it's definitely an experience that you won't get anywhere else, plus you can have as much cake as you want. 

What's so bad about that?