Budget Eats: The Breakfast Club

When it comes to birthdays, there are two ways to celebrate.

You can drink, or you can eat.

A couple of weeks ago, in celebration of Minna's birthday, we decided to do both.

Starting with the notorious Breakfast Club.

I'd heard loads about The Breakfast Club but never actually made my way down there because I don't like to queue.

Luckily the Islington branch had ample room for us on a Wednesday afternoon.

The only problem?

You will want everything on the menu.

I mean it.

The six of us had an absolute nightmare trying to decide.

I'll keep this pretty short and sweet considering I didn't want to shove my camera in everyone's faces while they were eating.

The decor is bright and brash with personal touches which make it feel more like an independent than a chain.

...I wish I was that witty.

Fresh apple juice.

Caitlin's 'Half Monty' breakfast.

I did have food envy when this arrived...

...Until my pancakes came.

These tasted more like cake than pancakes.

That's fine by me.

The pictures don't quite do the portion size justice but these were absolutely, ridiculously huge.

The birthday girl got the pancakes with maple syrup and we shared the fried potatoes after being unable to decide between sweet and savoury.

If you can't decide- get both.

The others got a mixture of bacon rolls and posh sausage sandwiches which looked just as good as the rest of ours.

Breakfast/brunch prices range from £4 to about £10, depending on what you get.

Despite the name, they also serve dinner after 5 o'clock which looks pretty appealing.

I think that the food at the Breakfast Club definitely lived up to expectations. It was worth the money considering the portion sizes and just looking at those pancakes now is making me hungry.

The service, on the other hand, wasn't so great. They got two of our drinks and one of our meals wrong and the staff seemed like they were having an absolutely miserable time.

This wouldn't stop me going back, though, it's just a warning if you're a stickler for good customer service like I am!

The rest of the day was spent eating cake and rushing through some work before heading to Dirty Martini and Loop in the evening... We weren't feeling so fresh the next day, to say the least.