Budget Eats: Honest Burger

It's no secret that I like a good burger.

I walk past Honest Burger every day on my way to uni.

Sometimes this happens multiple times a day, so it only seemed fair that I should pay a visit.

After a couple of weeks of student cooking my flatmate Caitlin and I were feeling hungry, lazy and tired so made our way down.

Seeing as there's always a queue out the door it was no surprise that we had to wait half an hour to be seated at 6:30 on a Friday...

Luckily they have quite a good system which means that after you've put your name on the list, you can go somewhere else and track your position in the queue using an app.

The menu is pretty short and sweet at just 7 burgers and a few sides.

Each burger comes with a side of rosemary fries which makes them pretty reasonable at £7-11 each.

Caitlin opted for the chicken with bacon jam.

Yes, bacon jam is a thing and I'm so okay with that.

I chose the 'honest' and I was pretty chuffed with my decision.

The bun was toasted which gets them brownie points from me and they weren't stingy when it came to toppings.

The meat itself came pink which is exactly how it should be.

Much to my absolute dismay I couldn't eat the whole thing as the portion was pretty huge.

The service was quick and the food was a lot better than the larger burger chains who charge the same (if not more).

If you want to go, try and go on a weekday for a late lunch/early dinner. 
If you do decide to go at peak times, expect to be told that there's a 90 minute wait like the people who came in at 7:30. Yes, really.

Alternatively you can get it to take away which takes about 20 minutes.

Also, get the onion rings- I've been twice since this post and they're seriously delicious.

On a side note, I'm sorry for being absolutely useless with my blog recently. Uni life is beyond hectic and some personal things put me out of action for a while!

I have a ridiculous amount of pictures on my camera which will soon translate into posts, I promise!