Budget Eats: Wahaca

If you like Mexican food, this will be right up your street.

Particularly if you like Mexican street food.

Established in 2007 as the brainchild of Thomasina Miers, winner of Masterchef 2005, this chain offers very reasonably priced "Mexican market eating".

Before heading off to Pop Up Screen's showing of Home Alone in Notting Hill, I introduced Amy to Wahaca.

The menu is vast and varied. 

Everything comes in small portions designed for sharing.

It can be hard to choose... so we started off with some guacamole to graze on while we perused the menu.

If you order anything- get the guac. I don't exactly know what's in it (it's a secret recipe according to the website, much to my distress) but it's seriously good stuff.

After much consideration we chose the chipotle chicken quesadillas...

Black bean and cheese quesadillas...

Deep-fried and delicious duck taquitos, a seasonal special which were next-level. 

I almost don't want to go back if these aren't on the menu anymore.

Chicken taquitos with crema, cheese, lettuce and salsa.

And a side of sweet potato, just for good measure.

 I could eat buckets of this stuff.

...Killed it. 

I think the best thing about food at Wahaca is that everything tastes so fresh and is bursting with flavour.

Also, as I mentioned in my tapas post, I like being able to try a bit of everything in order to avoid serious food FOMO.

The service was standard but being a couple of days before Christmas in Westfield, it was busy.

Normally I don't really mind as long as the food gets on the table but I hate waiting for the bill, which is why I was pretty pleased when I saw this...

If you download the Wahaca app, you can pay without having to try and catch your waiter's attention. 

You can also use it to leave tips and split the bill.

I think this is a new systems in a few restaurant chains but I hope it spreads fast. Genius.

Feeling a bit full and festive, we then jumped on the bus to Notting Hill see the film. 

If you haven't heard of Pop Up Screens, they hire out venues and host cinema evenings with a theme.

We wandered through a wardrobe of winter fur (Narnia-style) and settled down amongst a sea of faux-snow to watch the Christmas classic.

My only complaint is that it was full of out of control, screaming children... I wish they would do separate family screenings, but I'd definitely go again.