Lunching Between Lectures

As much as I love going home, I can't complain when my family come and visit me at uni.

Recently Mum had a morning meeting in Central and I had a gap between my morning and afternoon lectures, so we thought we would meet for some brunch at the Riding House Cafe.

This wasn't actually planned- I just happened to walk past on the way to meet Mum and thought we should give it a try as I'd read lots of good things about it.

Sorry about the lack of photos! We only got a main each and I was so busy talking that I didn't think to take photos of the interior. 

Luckily were just in time to order the breakfast menu which I've heard so much about. 

Maybe Diet Coke isn't a conventional brunch choice but as far as I'm concerned it's appropriate at all hours. Although admittedly I didn't realise that there were milkshakes on the menu. Maybe next time eh.

These photos are taunting me as, much to my distress, I've given up the good stuff for lent. *cries*

I opted for the full English: sausage, beans, perfectly crispy, streaky bacon, eggs, toast and black pudding.

I can't say that I pay homage to my Scottish roots very often, but black pudding is one of my absolute favourites.

There's just something about not having to cook it all yourself which is so much more satisfying.

Mum went for the healthier option of salmon and scrambled eggs on toast. It's one of her favourites and received high praise from the lady herself.

All in all the Riding House Cafe was the perfect place for a catch-up. The food was fresh, delicious and really reasonably priced.

I would recommend booking, however, as we turned up at 11:30 on a Tuesday morning and were told that we could have a table but must be done in an hour- something which we were reminded of more than once during our visit which made things a bit uncomfortable. I don't know who takes an hour to eat breakfast anyway, but I'd like to have the option!

Nevertheless I'd definitely like to go back to sample their main menu which looks just as delicious as their breakfasts. 

Find them here.