I've wanted to try Christopher's for a long time.

And what better time than when my family pay me a visit in London?

We made a reservation for Sunday brunch and safe to say I was very excited.

Christopher's is quite a fancy restaurant with its white tablecloths and shiny chandeliers but their brunch menu is pretty reasonably priced. 

To wet our appetites, the waiter came with a basket full of bread to choose from.

Which I slathered with lashings of herby butter.

Chez actually ordered a chocolate milkshake but a hot chocolate turned up instead- despite her initial disappointment, she did say that it was good anyway.

While I joined my parents for bubbles and cocktails and we toasted the end of their alcohol-free month.

^ Brilliant. I think that title more than reflected their attitude throughout the past month!

I couldn't resist another slice of bread (or two!) while we waited for our food to arrive.

The food at Christopher's is simple and classic. No bells and whistles, just seriously good food.

Chez went for the protein-laden steak and eggs which she was extremely happy with.

While I chose the burger- which was huge!

Not the type of burgers that you get in Byron or Five Guys- this had a touch more refinement and it was delicious.

For dad, the lobster club sandwich which looked amazing.

And mum chose the slightly plainer omelette with salad which she was very happy with.

Even though my burger was more than enough, I couldn't stop myself from ordering some parmesan and truffle fries on the side... Chez shared, I promise! 

I'd go back just for these.

After our plates had been taken away, mum was very restrained and ordered a cappuccino to finish off the meal.

I, on the other hand, wasn't so good.

I'm a pudding fanatic and when I saw this trio on the menu I knew I had to have it...

Banana tarte tatin, chocolate fondant with pistachio cream and fudge ice cream.

This is the stuff of sugar-laden dreams.

Chez chose the mini doughnuts with chocolate sauce- something I always order at Bill's, but these were even better.

Next time I'll be back for the pancakes... or the French toast.

Christopher's was a complete treat and in no way did it disappoint. 

The staff were incredibly polite and attentive and I will definitely going back for more.

 I'll probably stick to brunch though as the à la carte menu seems a little (read: very) out of my price range...

Information and bookings here.