Not Suitable for Vegetarians

Herbivores, look away now.

Chez, Amy and I have been meaning to try Cattle Grid for years.

I mean that literally.

 We always walk past it on our way into Windsor but never got round to paying a visit until I was home for reading week.

Cattle Grid is a steakhouse that has everything from steak to burgers to ribs.

 The one thing that everything has in common? Meat.

This sauce is so good. Seriously. 

We ordered ourselves a veritable feast. Trust me- the portion sizes are definitely not small!

Amy chose the brie and bacon chicken burger. 

This arrived first and I had immediate food envy...

Which was only exacerbated by the arrival of Chez's BBQ ribs with fries. 

This is only half a rack but it seemed huge.

She even let me try a bite and I can confirm that she made the best choice. 

These tasted like a mixture of crispy duck and ribs. 


Plus, if you're up for a challenge, you can get an unlimited amount on a Monday for £19.

Hand wipes- necessary.

Amy got some mac n cheese on the side which also looked insanely delicious.

For the table we ordered some onion strings. 

If there's one thing I love it's onions (do they even qualify as a vegetable...?), in particular in crunchy, deep-fried form.

My fries.

I chose the fried chicken sandwich with blue cheese sauce and hot sauce.

A huge fillet of buttermilk-fried, crispy chicken in a soft bun ready to be drenched with the sauces.

As much as I am a complete bread fiend, I didn't even eat the bun because the chicken was so good by itself.

Have you ever tried chips drowned in blue cheese sauce? You should- immediately.

Despite having very full bellies we decided that we could squeeze in some pudding, in the form of this great slab of chocolate brownie with a tennis ball of vanilla ice cream.

...Which we demolished rapidly, obviously.

After all the years of anticipation Cattle Grid did not disappoint. 

The service was a little slow but we let that slide because the food was so good.

Judging by what we saw from other tables the steaks looked delicious too, but the ribs were the real winner. Try those with fries and onion strings.

Brilliantly, they take bookings, just give them a ring- details here.