Afternoon Tea(ster)

Despite not being a tea-drinker, I still absolutely love afternoon tea.

On Easter Sunday I headed over to Stoke Place with my family to indulge in some scones and sandwiches.

Stoke Place is a rather lovely hotel in Bucks that just so happens to offer a seriously good afternoon tea.

Plus there's always vouchers floating around online so you can get a real bargain too.

Seeing as we were there at Easter, there was a festive theme to the menu.

I started with a hot chocolate because I'm a baby when it comes to tea/coffee.

While everyone else opted for pots of English breakfast.

After a few sips, our array of cakes, scones and sandwiches arrived on the table.

A Victoria sponge was the crowning glory of the cakes, filled with fresh cream and jam.

Mint chocolate cake, millionaires shortbreads, carrot cake and mini macarons.

Hot cross buns and sultana scones.

Coffee and walnut cake and lemon and poppy seed slices served in a toast rack- I might steal this idea!

Enormous pots of raspberry jam and clotted cream.

Smoked salmon, egg, cucumber, cheese and ham finger sandwiches.

All in all, we had a bit of a feast.

(Cream before jam, always.)

Despite our best efforts, we were defeated by the portion sizes so may have asked for a box to take home...

I love Stoke Place and they are yet to disappoint. 

Ask for a table at the bar or in the garden if the weather's good. Plus they do really good club sandwiches if that's more your cup of tea.

Information and bookings here.