Lobster Lunch

If you want lobster in London for under £10, look no further. 

Smack Deli is a little lobster joint in a prime position just off Oxford Street.

In fact, it's only a minute away from Selfridges, so you can double indulge. 

I'd been meaning to try this place for ages and finally made it down on a rainy Tuesday when my mum was in town.

 The decor is simple: rows of bars and stools both up and downstairs.

 It's got that cool shabby-chic rugged vibe thing going on without being too try hard.

 You order at the counter and are presented with one of this buzzers (like the ones at Shake Shack). 

Take your seat, and wait for it to light up and tell you that your order's ready.

 In what seemed like minutes it was our turn to collect our food.

Two 'California' rolls with a side of courgette fries.

 We weren't disappointed.

Two giant toasted brioche rolls filled to bursting with avocado-lime sauce, tomatoes, cucumber and, of course, lobster.

 Courgette fries with parmesan. These were uuuuh-mazing and I don't even like courgettes in the slightest.

 You may want to grab a fork for the rolls- they're certainly a handful and I had pieces of juicy meat falling out left, right and centre.

You can also go for a 1lb lobster with lemon mayo or lobster chowder if you're not so carb-inclined. 

But that would mean that you'd miss out on the brioche, and that would just be a shame.

If you fancy something sweet to follow, I'd go for ice cream at Gelupo. 

It's about a 20 minute walk away so you'll deserve it.

Gelupo is a small Italian gelateria next to Piccadilly Circus that serves seriously good gelato.

The ice cream is cryptically hidden under metal lids so I couldn't take a snap of all of the flavours on display (boo) but it was certainly hard to choose.

I've heard that their blood orange sorbet is to die for but I fancied something richer. I guess I'll just have to go back.

Bitter chocolate sorbet and pistachio gelato.

Chocolate and hazelnut and pistachio.

It comes in at £5 for two scoops which is super pricey but it's worth it for a treat.

I can imagine that it gets busy in the summer heat but if you're around, grab a scoop and a stool.

Details for Gelupo here, and Smack here.