No Plates, Please

I've seen a lot of Meat Liquor floating around Instagram lately.

Picture upon picture of cheeseburgers, hot dogs and mac and cheese piled on metal trays.

Basically- it looked exactly like my kinda place.

We went to the venue just off Oxford Street on a Friday lunchtime and were led to a table straight away. 

The restaurant itself is pretty dark inside, adding to the shabby chic, 'uber cool without trying too hard' vibe. 

We got the show on the road with diet cokes and strawberry milkshakes.

After much deliberation (and as a nod to my inner piglet) we decided to order a smorgasbord of treats and share the lot.

We were soon presented with an array of carb-laden goodies.

There are no plates here- just a roll of kitchen towels on your table.

I'm so okay with this.

We didn't actually order coleslaw (I have issues with mayonnaise) but a mistake with our order meant that we got it anyway and weren't charged, which was pretty good.

The chilli dog: a hotdog smothered in meat chilli, onions, jalapeƱos and molten cheese- the really plasticky, yellow goo which is a genuine guilty pleasure of mine.


Huge, fluffy, puffy onion rings the size of my fist.

Normally I'm a pro-panko kinda gal when it comes to onion rings but these were so good

Potentially even the best part of the meal.

Bacon cheeseburger.

This was also delicious but overshadowed by the rest of the meal (probably because I was pretty stuffed by the time I got to try this).

Not as good as Patty & Bun or Honest, but up there with Byron.

Somehow we managed to storm our way through all of that and were left with full bellies and greasy fingers.

At the end of our bill we were presented with this card and told that if we downloaded the 'let ya no' app, we would get 20% off our bill- not too shabby!

The service and food at Meat Liquor didn't disappoint. 

I would really recommend it as a place to try if you're around Selfridges as it's sometimes hard to find good places on Oxford Street for lunch.

My only issue is that the music was a bit too loud- probably not the place for a first date if you're looking to get to know someone- but I get that it adds to the atmosphere.

Details here.