On the Roof

Admittedly, Selfridges isn't the first place that comes to mind when I'm hungry.

Of course, if I'm looking for a present to purchase or in the market for some make up it's the first place I'll go, but their food hall isn't my favourite place in the world.

Nonetheless I've heard a lot about Vintage Salt recently so after aimlessly wandering around the Baker Street area with rumbling bellies, it seemed like the perfect solution to satisfy our hunger pangs. 

We jumped in the lift and headed straight up to the roof.

 We started with cold glasses of wine and had a browse of the menu.

As you'll see, if you're not a fish fan this may not be your ideal venue. Luckily, the menu was right up my street. 

 I was boring and went for the fish and chips, served with tartare and mushy peas. 

The portion was absolutely huge- too big even for me and my bottomless belly. 

It was delicious though and I gave it my best shot.

The others opted for an equally huge portion of summer greens risotto.

And the much healthier and more exotic harissa-spiced trout with cous cous.

With a side of parmesan and truffle fries to share. Apparently these were delicious (I was ever so slightly envious).

Despite having bypassed starters, we ordered three of the giant, garlic-drenched scallops to accompany our mains. 

I recommend you do the same. I've had a lot of scallops and these were up there with the best.

Now when I said that I've heard a lot about Vintage Salt what I really meant is that I've seen their sweet offerings plastered all over Instagram.

As much as the chocolate burger intrigued me, the concept made me slightly uncomfortable so I opted for the imaginatively named "mango and passion fruit" instead.

Mango sorbet with lemon macarons, passion fruit puree, mini meringue kisses and berries.

It tasted as good as it looks.

And for Minna, the peanut cheesecake served with caramel popcorn and cherries. 

As you can see, they were definitely the prettiest of puddings. 

 If you're ever around Selfridges and looking for a slightly more upmarket meal, give Vintage Salt a go. 

It's not cheap but you pay a premium for the location, although the quality of the food isn't compromised. 

I would go back tomorrow and order all of the puddings if I could.

 Having said that, if you're looking for a meal with a spectacular view, go for Duck and Waffle instead- we couldn't see much from our table.