Raising the Steaks

Hawksmoor is a meat-lovers paradise.

This suits me well as I'm a carnivore at heart. 

You will rarely see me anywhere near a salad. This is something that I should probably work on...

Anyway, I recently headed over to London with my family to show them my new house and move in a few bits and bobs. 

It was hungry work, so Hawksmoor was the perfect post-move meal.

The menu is pretty simple.

 Steak takes priority, although there are a couple of other options if red meat doesn't take your fancy.

You can choose to order your own or to have a sharing steak.

 There are boards all over the restaurant advertising what cuts they have that day if you opt for the latter.

I got things started with a diet coke but quickly got cocktail envy when I saw a passing tray of mojitos, so ordered my own.

My sister and I both plumped for the rump, cooked medium-rare and perfectly chargrilled. 

No bells and whistles here, it's all about the steak. Joey doesn't share food and neither do we.

My parents, on the other hand, ordered a T-bone for two.

Obviously we had to add some sides... 

Beef dripping fries and the crispiest chunky chips.

The best mac n cheese. We were lucky enough to snag the last portion- it was insane.

And as an attempt to look civilised, mum ordered a caesar salad.

Hawksmoor isn't too proud to serve ketchup, which earns them bonus points from me- especially as they make it themselves.

I think I'll only be a real grown up when I stop eating ketchup... I can't say I'm there yet.

Obviously as Chez and I were involved, puddings had to be ordered. 

This wasn't an easy decision as I could have happily gone for any of the options. 

Chez's choice: the homemade crunchy bar. I'm not entirely sure what this was but it was delicious.

I chose the sticky toffee sundae which was giant and insanely good. 

I had this when I first tried Hawksmoor and I'm sure I'll be having it again next time.

If you're not into puddings, just get the salted caramel rolos and thank me later. 

We were way too full at this point to even entertain the idea of more food but even if you've had puddings and have a bit of room, order them.

Hawksmoor has made it into my top 5 London restaurants. 

You can book, which is always a huge plus as far as I'm concerned, and the food is amazing. Our waiter was so friendly and couldn't be more helpful. 

It's more of an once every so often restaurant than it is an everyday joint, but it's not extortionately expensive and anyway, it's worth it.

We went to the Seven Dials branch, but there are a few scattered around the place.

Basically, if you like steak, this is the place for you.

Details and bookings here.