Bring Your Own

As a student and big fan of wine, any restaurant where you can BYOB is right up my street. 

Much to my delight, Bintang ticks that box.

Seeing as it's a "pan-Asian" restaurant, this place is ideal if you can't decide which part of the continent you want to eat from. 

You can have a bit of everything, from steaming bowls of ramen to pancake upon pancake stuffed full of crispy duck.

As always, I started with the salt and pepper squid with sweet tamarind.

Alongside some crispy Korean chicken wings with sweet adobo sauce.

You won't look great while eating them, but you have to order them anyway.

These are seriously good and certainly rival the ultimate P&B wings.

The main event arrived in the form of chà bao: pillowy-soft Taiwanese buns overflowing with crispy duck and fried chicken.

Definitely not easy to share, but it doesn't matter because you won't want to.

 If you only order one thing it needs to be these.

Obviously I got a side of sweet potato fries, despite being a bit of a rogue choice for an Asian restaurant.

We couldn't leave without having sampled the restaurant's namesake so propped for the chicken bintang with a side of garlic fried rice, both of which come highly recommended from yours truly.

As you can see, the portions aren't small so come hungry and don't forget your bottle and an extra £3 for corkage.

I don't know how 'authentic' the food is but I can certainly vouch for the taste. 

The added bonuses? You can get 50% off with a Tastecard (which I downloaded while at the table) and they deliver if you live in the Kentish Town area.

Bookings and info here.