Flat Iron

Flat Iron has been on my London must-try list for a long time.

However, put off by rumours of long queues, I didn't pay it a visit until July this year.

Mentally prepared for a long wait, we headed over to the Soho branch and were very happy to see that we could pop our names on the list and come back an hour and a half later, so we didn't have to hang around outside the restaurant like lemons to reserve our place.

Not ideal, of course, but it could be much worse.

The menu is simple, so I'll keep this snappy.

The main event comes in the form of a flat iron steak cooked how you like it, with a choice of five sides (and a daily special, too).

We put in our orders and soon after we were presented with two boards of steak, perfectly medium-rare.

In the interests of greed and giving this place a comprehensive review, we ordered the majority of the sides.

Aubergine baked in tomato sauce and cheese, kind of like a veggie lasagne but without the pasta.

I want to recreate this at home because it was absolutely delicious. 

Decadently rich and full of flavour.

Chips, of course. 

Creamed spinach, just to make up our five a day...

And some béarnaise and peppercorn sauce, just because.

If you're looking for pudding, they have salted caramel sundaes using chocolates from Paul A Young, which I admittedly regret not trying.

Flat Iron would make a great date spot. Put your name on the list and head for a drink while you wait. If you're in a group, I'd probably steer clear because the venues aren't huge.

Go early or late, and certainly not on the edge of passing-out hungry.

The food is great, the staff are friendly and the wine is cheap (bonus.) 

Plus, how many places in central offer a pretty fab steak for £10?

Details here.