Spanish Sunday Lunch

Rewind to December and I went on (what would prove to be a very successful) third date.

I was told that we were going for dinner, but was kept in the dark about the location until the day before.

Safe to say I was pretty pleased when I turned up at Ember Yard for some seriously good Italian-Spanish tapas.

So impressed, in fact, that I talked my family into meeting me there for a Spanish-style Sunday lunch.

The menu is pretty self explanatory: small plates divided into meat, fish and vegetables, with a couple of large plates and charcuterie and cheese boards thrown in.

To get the ball rolling, a grilled flatbread drenched in herby butter.

The Spanish charcuterie selection of razor thin discs of chorizo, Lomo Doblado and Ibérico de Bellota.

Baked ricotta with thyme, drizzled with golden honey, with shards of crisp bread to act as a shovel.

As a goats cheese and honey aficionado, I cannot express to you how unbelievably delicious this was. 

If you're into sweet and savoury combinations, this is a winner.

As one cheese course is never enough, the buratta with roasted aubergine had to be ordered, served with a very generous dollop of basil pesto.

Salt cod croquettes, both deliciously creamy and crunchy in equal measure, on a puddle of tartare sauce.

Octopus with red peppers.

One of my favourite things, courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta and glazed with honey.

And finally, potentially one of the most delicious things in the world.

Chargrilled Ibérico press with whipped jamón butter.

So good that we ordered a second plate.

It tastes like bacon but has the texture of a medium-rare steak.

Basically, it's incredible and I recommend you try it immediately.

All washed down with some pink bubbles.

Restaurants where you can try everything on the menu are some of my favourites, and we definitely made quite a dent in the dishes on offer.

And this certainly didn't end with the savouries...

The crispest apple pie with vanilla ice cream and crushed nuts.

Smoked chocolate and cherry cake with mascarpone.

Dark chocolate, biscotti and hazelnut truffles. 

Very large bitesized slabs of ganache studded with nuts and crunchy cookies.

Ember Yard is a sister restaurant of Dehesa, somewhere I wrote about ages ago.

So I think it's pretty clear that from what I've experienced so far, I'm a big fan of the Salt Yard group.

If I'm being picky, I'd say the portions are a little on the small side, but dont let that put you off- it just means you should order more from the menu...

Go as a pair so you get your fair share of what's on offer. Like I said, it's a great date spot.

Reservations and website here.