Frenchie, Paris

Sometimes only fries will do, and that's okay.

And when fries with big-ass sandwiches are on offer? Even better.

If you're in the mood for such delicacies while in Paris, Frenchie to Go could be the one for you.

There isn't a huge amount to say about Frenchie, except that it's a small, casual 'restaurant' (cafe? lunch bar? I'm not sure) on a side street in the 10th arrondissement that serves pretty good sandwiches.

I would say it's hard to spot, but you'll recognise it by the queue outside if you're there on a weekend.

The menu consists of a few sandwiches, hot dogs, lobster rolls and fish and chips. 

As you can guess by the name, the food is orientated towards the lunch-on-the-move crowd, but if you're lucky there will be a spare stool so you can prop yourself up and eat in. 

We got a pulled pork roll, a hot dog and a reuben sandwich, all with fries.

The former two were very well-received, but my reuben sandwich was underwhelming- layers of super-stringy salt beef aren't the key to an appetising meal and I left feeling a little disappointed.

If you're in the area and you're looking for a quick bite, give Frenchie a Go (but don't order the reuben.) 

However, I wouldn't recommend going out of your way as it's pretty pricey for a glorified sandwich bar. For reference, fries-free the reuben is 12€ and the lobster roll comes in at a whopping 22€, which is silly in itself but becomes borderline ludicrous if you have to take it with you in a paper bag. 

If you want a great lunch in the French capital, I'd say opt for an Asian feast at Siseng or the all-day breakfast at Holybelly instead.

Having said that, if fries at Frenchie take your fancy, they're open everyday for breakfast and lunch until 4:30pm (5:30pm on weekends). There's no reservations, but it is available for private hire if that's your thing.

Website here.