Holybelly, Paris

There are few restaurants that would compel me to roll out of bed at 8am on a Sunday to queue for brunch.

So it's quite a testament to Holybelly that I knowingly did this twice during my time in Paris.

Of course, great no-queue brunch spots in Paris aren't exactly in short supply. You can probably head to Season anytime before 12 on a weekend and grab a table straight away, but the food, although good, just isn't as good as what Holybelly has to offer.

It's probably not as busy during the week but on weekends it opens at 10. If you arrive before 9:45, you'll be near the back of a relatively long queue but you'll most likely get seated. 

After that, they'll put you on a list, although the service is pretty quick so you won't have to wait long.

The menu is simple and even written in English. 

You choose from pancakes, porridge or the design your own breakfast option.

My sister went for the savoury stack: fluffy pancakes with crispy bacon, fried eggs, bourbon butter and maple syrup.

I opted to build my own breakfast. 

Eggs of your choice and sourdough toast come as standard, then you add two from bacon, halloumi, hash browns, sausage patties, baked beans, mushrooms or salad (why?).

I went for poached eggs with a sausage patty and hash brown.

Admittedly when I first came I thought that one of each was a bit of a mean portion, but it's more than enough food.

The patty is full of toasted fennel seeds and the hash browns are crunchy and delicious, flecked with flakes of sea salt.

Even though it looks simple, everything is cooked perfectly and packs a punch in terms of flavour.

Despite having to formulate a tactical game plan to get your hands on some eggs, Holybelly is probably my all-time favourite brunch spot. 

If you're in Paris, set aside some time and head for brunch in the 10th. 

It's not good for groups as their biggest table only seats 5, but great for everything else.

The staff are incredibly friendly and despite the pressure from hangry crowds, they don't try to rush you through your meal. 

I'm pretty sure they're opening a second location nearby, which should sort out their queuing problems.

Website here.