SAAM, Paris

I first tried bao a couple of years ago, at Bintang.

Since then I've been hooked, so I wasn't going to go without in Paris.

After a little bit of research and some insta-stalking, I came across SAAM- a very inconspicuous Korean restaurant near the Canal St Martin.

It's cosy and casual. There are about 10 tables and you're likely to be squeezed onto a bench, rubbing shoulders with your neighbours.

As for the food, you choose between various bao or rice bowls filled with veggies and/or meat, plus a few sides ranging from fried chicken to salad.

We both chose the 15 euro deal: two bao with fries or a salad. 

Unsurprisingly, we both propped for the fries, with one beef and one chicken bao for my sister, and one chicken and one fish for me.

The chicken bao comes in the form of a succulent chicken thigh, marinaded in a sticky, sweet sauce and coated with breadcrumbs.

In my opinion it's the best one, although the fish bao wins close second, which comes served in a black bun.

My sister is more of a snacker than a three meals a day kinda gal, so it's rare that she finishes a meal.

That being said, she polished off every scrap on her plate, which is a pretty big compliment to SAAM.

For pudding I ordered the green tea crème brûlée, which I then had to share, albeit very reluctantly.

The dessert menu is tiny but this is really great, so if you have room, treat yourself.

The meal came to about 40 euros including two glasses of rosé, which is pretty fairly priced when you leave with bellies full to bursting.

Like most independent restaurants in Paris, there will be a queue outside on a Friday or Saturday night. 

You can book using Bim (a great app for foodies in Paris), but make sure you're there right on time, if not early. We arrived 5 minutes late so they made us wait 25 minutes for the table, which they were pretty unapologetic about.

Unfortunately there's no list, so you can't go and get a drink elsewhere while you wait. Luckily, the service is quick so you shouldn't be waiting that long if you're stuck at the back of the queue. 

Closed Mondays, website here.